Tuesday 4 February 2014

Kitten-cat dreams

From a young age Casper insisted his name was Casper K Cat. Nobody knew what the 'K' was for.
As he got older he didn't get any wiser or any less fun. We found out that 'K' was in fact for kitten.
Casper had his routines and rituals, just the same as the rest of the house. MiL does the litter mostly and some meals, Husband does most other meals, I do occasional meals and lots of brushing and playing. I get the best deal.
When I get in from work Casper comes to get me (unless he is in a really warm spot). We might have a little game or brush. Husband and I settle down for the evening. The cat comes and goes and scratches the sofa and plays cute to get his treats.
He then may (if we're lucky) settle down. More often he herds me towards bed. Not straight to bed though.
First we have some time in the bathroom while I brush my teeth (because we keep cats in the  bathroom).
Next a brief stop in the landing bed, to keep an eye on the house.
Next a race for the bed, to the victor the comfy spot. Knead the blanket, find a spot. Have a wash, look for bugs. Find a new spot, get some petting and be professionally cute.
We're not done. Another wash and then race off for important feline affairs. Rinse and repeat. Several times. When people are asleep (our even better nearly asleep) jump he'll jump up with a 'miaow' (just in case you didn't know he was there).
Time to bed-share. It may be a king size bed, but a lot of out goes to the cat! Time to dream kitten dreams.