Sunday 10 November 2013

Remembrance Sunday

The nearest Sunday to 11th November - the fallen of countless wars are remembered across the country in church and other places today.

Throughout November the Royal British Legion has been out and about offering poppies for donations from the public. As a child I used to tag along with my grandmother in the little village where she lived at the time; back in those days maybe one or two poppies in the tray would have a leaf. Not like now where all poppies have leaves and there is the constant debate over where the leaf should be placed!

Traditional poppy (with leaf); extremely liable to part company with the pin attaching it to the wearer. Anecdotal evidence in my office indicates two per annum is an average amount required to keep a poppy on your jacket!

 I first saw this big silk poppy being worn by my mother some years ago. It comes with a long wire stem which can be wrapped around things or through button holes. I have mine attached to my handbag.

These are little pin badges; both procured for me by MiL. I wear the sparkly one on my jacket and the one with the leaf on my shirt/top.

Because I have given up on the paper poppy and re-use my poppy pins I am prone to purchase whatever new and exciting extras the Royal Legion man outside Asda has on his table. This year it was this little poppy bracelet.

The important bit is to give some money to the Royal Legion - even if you don't need a poppy!