Sunday 24 November 2013

Sunday Social (77)

Sunday Social
Linking up with Neely and Ashley again. 

For today's Sunday Social, there are no specific questions. With Thanksgiving happening his week, we'd like everyone to share the things you are thankful for this year!

I'm Thankful for... my wonderful Husband, we're approaching the five month anniversary of our wedding. Still blissfully happy - although we've been together for 13 years getting married is special and does strengthen and enrich the relationship. Our honeymoon, the places we went and the things we saw, just getting to spend so much time together; just the two of us.

Through the ups and downs of life he is always there for me... my other half, my best friend.

I'm Thankful for... my amazing mother. Mutti is my friend, my wedding planner and my companion on many adventures. Nobody could ask for better! We had trips around London seeking wedding cake and flowers, trips to my God-mother who made my dress... and a trip to Bluewater seeking fabric inspirations and Mother-of-Bride outfits. We've had some excellent adventures too - from public gardens on rainy days, to the cable car and the aquarium!

I'm Thankful for... my amazing family. My brother (who gave away his big sister on her wedding day) and looks after Mutti and me; my Mother-in-Law who shares her house with us and puts up with all our comings and goings; my amazing Grandmother (who is twenty years older than you'd guess); my brother-in-law (I'm the little sister he always wanted) his wife and my husband's niece and nephew; my cousin, her partner, and their adorable children (who despite their complicated cousin relationship) my niece and nephew; my other cousin and his partner and new baby (who I haven't met yet he's so young!); my Uncle (who filmed our wedding for us); and before this takes up the whole page... yes, all my family and new family who I gained on my wedding day - family is so important. Below me with my brother, and me with my Gran.

I'm Thankful for... Casper K Cat. Small black feline furball. Loving, fun and sometimes naughty. Wouldn't miss a second of it!

I'm Thankful for... great friends, all of them. The ones that I've know since I was at school, ones I met at University, ones I met at work, ones I met through MS groups and ones I met online. You're all amazing. Shown below my dear friends, my bridesmaids, helping me on my wedding day

I'm Thankful for... the strength that I have found to live with my MS. There have been hard times, of course. There have also been not so hard times, I've learned how strong I can be, how much friends and family love and support me, and I've made some amazing new friends who I have met online or at MS groups.

I'm Thankful for... all the children in my life. They may not be my children, but I still love them. My nieces and nephews and my godchildren, and all the other little people. They bring sunshine and laughter every time I see them

I'm Thankful for... my job. My employers are amazing. They changed things around so that I could keep working there even though my MS meant that I couldn't do my old job. They've allowed me to forge a path for myself and continue working.

2013 has been quite the year... we're looking forward to our Thanksgiving meal on Thursday (and the football!).