Thursday 10 October 2013

My Bits of London - catch up

Sometime last September I began what has turned out to be a very occasional series on bits of London.

London is full of hidden surprises, or famous sites that London workers and dwellers take for granted. In case you missed the start here is where we've been so far. Watch this space for future instalments and for more detailed guides take a trip to our sister blog The Occasional Tourist).

Part 1 - Channel 4 Headquarters, Horseferry Road, Westminster
Part 2 - Derelict Office Block, Westminster Bridge Road, Southwark (now demolished)
Part 3 - Piccadilly Circus lights, Westminster
Part 4 - Four Bronze Horses of Helios, corner of Haymarket, Westminster
Part 5 - Parliament Square, Westminster
Part 6 - Golden Boy at Pye Corner, Giltspur Street, City of London
Part 7 - City Dragons, City of London
Part 8 - City Churches, City of London
Part 9 - Burlington House, Piccadilly, Westminster
Part 10 - Horseguards' Parade, Whitehall, Westminster
Part 11 - Itsu, Piccadilly
Part 12 - Battersea Power Station, Battersea
Part 13 - Wembley Stadium, Wembley
Part 14 - Tower Bridge, Thames (east)
Part 15 - Justice, Old Bailey, City of London
Part 16 - St Paul's Cathedral, City of London
Part 17 - Temple of Mithras, City of London (currently not on display)
Part 18 - Bench, Walbrook, City of London (removed)
Part 19 - Bank, Monument and Mansion House, City of London
Part 20 - Shepherd Market, Westminster

I work in Westminster and visit the City a lot which is why those are the locations of a lot of the spots so far - we'll try and branch out in future visits!