Monday 7 October 2013

Bye Bye iGoogle

Google, continuing the trend from Reader of shutting down loved institutions is saying goodbye to iGoogle.

However, there is a new kid in town. Log into any Google service and you will be introduced to the new home of Apps.

That tiny box of 4x4 square hides quick access to a selection of Google products (non-customisable).

If you use Chrome it gets better though. You can attach a little button to your task bar - the same 4x4 button (now in Google/Chrome colours).

This time it is customisable.. you can choose your contents.

You also get the same choices on a new tab inside the chrome browser. Assuming that, as this is attached to your Google profile, this somehow crosses into an Android phone (I'll let you know next month when I get one) this could be a step change in the way we interact with Google.