Wednesday 9 October 2013

NFL International Series (London Game 7)

Another year, another NFL season, and we're back at Wembley - this time for the first of two games. 

Sunday 29th September saw the Minnesota Vikings hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both Husband and I commented on the huge amount of support for both home and away team compared to previous years.

With no strong feelings for either team we both ended up supporting the Vikings... it was a cracking good game. We were holding our breath at the last play when the Steelers were heading towards levelling the score and taking things to overtime. Fortunately this didn't happen... next time it will be earlier as the clocks will have gone back by then and the game will kick of at the usual five instead of six.

Highlights, as always; included the free flags (not stolen this year as Husband went and fetched them from our seats), our game of 'team bingo' where you have to spot someone wearing apparel from every team in the league (spouses don't count) won as always by Husband, the overpriced but welcome beer (and sausage/hotdogs) and talking to random strangers. Not just a game of football, ever, always a day out.
Bingo Winner (Husband)
Bingo Loser (Me)


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