Tuesday 8 October 2013

Anyone for conkers?

Not if the tree at the end of our street is anything to to by...

Do children still play conkers? For anyone not familiar this is how it works. You collect the best specimen of a conker you can find (the fruit of the horse chestnut tree). You take it home and get a responsible adult to bore a hole through it, and then thread it on a  piece of string. You possibly undertake some strengthening activities; in our house soaking in vinegar and lightly baking. Then you challenge a fellow competitor. One player holds their conker still as the other lines up to whack it as hard as possible. Points are awarded for damage and ultimately destruction. A 'niner' would be a conker that had annihilated nine others.

As children we used to form hunting parties going out with tubs and buckets to collect conkers. Now the tree at the end of the street has its bounty left on the pavement to be squashed or eaten by squirrels.