Monday 26 November 2012

Miscellany Monday (2)

  • Enforced bed rest may be good for the body but it is not good for the soul. Nearly half-way through watching the whole of Friends from the beginning even I have got bored now... so different TV or more reading...
  • Thank goodness for my Kindle, I can read without the effort of holding up a book (which given the current fatigue levels in my limbs can only be a good thing) - I've done more reading being sick in bed in three weeks than I'd managed in the previous three months (even though I love reading)
  • My cat is totally insane. He has random inclinations to run around the house like a lunatic jumping on and off furniture, he stands at the edge of the bed and shouts at me for no discernible reason... but then he falls asleep in the afternoon and is totally ten types of cute!
  • The weather needs to make it's mind up. We had beautiful sunshine and blue skies for a while yesterday morning... and overnight and this morning there was more torrential rain (still forecast until tomorrow) but then we appear to be getting sunshine again. What could be more English than talking about the weather?!
  • It was pointed out to me that this is the last week of November. This is alarming to me as it seems like yesterday that it was October... that is what a glut of bed rest does to you... you lose all sense of time (and when you can't feel large parts of your body, space)
Casper thinking (or bird watching)
Autumn leaves fall, not yet swept out of sight
Thanksgiving Dinner

South London Parrots
The famous flying sheep
More tail than cat

Happy Monday everybody!