Saturday 3 November 2012

What I found there... (4)

A quirk of architecture in our house means that there is a strange little corridor that leads to our bedroom from the top of the stairs. It has two bookshelves (which need a clear out) and a collection of ornaments and photos on top of them.

Blue pig guards the staircase

Corridor to the bedroom

Guarded on the bookshelf side by a cat!

Wooden zoo, a gift from my brother

The golem. Bought on a trip to Prague back in my youth.

Even further back in my youth... from Portugal.

Crystals with properties and smell,
rocks from Mount Etna and pebbles.

Fish comes from Jamaica.
There was a sea-shell thrown away when it started to smell!

Glass perfume jars - again from my brother.
Ginger jar because I like crystallised ginger!

Napkin ring from my christening.
Angel from MiL - dedication or aspiration?!

When I was young my Gran had a music box that played
Eidelweiss. This one does too.

Beethoven, one of my favourite composers.
We had a bust at school who wore the music room headphones!

My parents had a bigger shinier one of these... I have two smaller
ones which I generally put earrings or ear-plugs in!

These were table decorations when we celebrated my Grand-parents'
Emerald (55th) wedding anniversary.

My most eclectic bookshelf.