Sunday 9 October 2011

You are the Big Picture

Wandering idly on Facebook one afternoon (which is one of two places you are likely to find me on the internet, there or Twitter) I came across an App. 
The Facebook App
It was being advertised down the side of the page. Insurance company Aviva 'You are the Big Picture'. Intriguing.

The App invited you to upload a picture and choose 5 words that were important to you (well Facebook chose them from you wall, but it did allow you to change them). For every picture uploaded Aviva were donating £2 to Save the Children and in addition your picture might be broadcast on one of the concrete walls of London's National Theatre.

Your very own fifteen seconds of fame.

Countdown and reminders
I chose a picture of me and our beloved Tinker... it seemed like a nice tribute for him. It is my favourite picture of the two of us, practising the feline (Jedi) mind-meld... or maybe just rubbing noses.

I was thrilled when I received an email telling me that the photo would be projected on the night of the 7th October.

Internet problems and live web-cam problems gave us a few scary moments - but I managed to stay awake and see the projection live.

Casper didn't mind that he wasn't on the side of a wall... after all - he does have his own blog!

Our moment of fame

Better quality pictures - courtesy of Aviva

The bit with the words