Sunday 9 October 2011

The sorry tale of our broadband

Last week (around Tuesday) our internet connection started to misbehave. Without warning or reason it would suddenly slow down... beyond normal parameters of slow, back to the days of a dial-up 56k modem - actually worse.
When we complained (which I did several times) we were given various excuses and explanations and an expectation that it 'would improve' and be fixed no later than the 11th October (5 days away at that time).

Worse was to come. The internet connection then started spontaneously disconnecting itself; often for hours at a time.

On Friday night the phone line went down. No longer able to report faults. Did they confiscate the phone to stop me calling and complaining?! On Saturday afternoon, in desperation, I used Skype to call the faults department about the phone. It would be back by mid-day I was promised. Here we are on Sunday, and guess what, still no phone.

The smart-phones of the house have been getting some serious use - being the only remaining connections to the outside world.

I've tried using Twitter to communicate with them but unfortunately all the customers on Twitter and two guys monitoring the account doesn't give much satisfaction.

The really ironic part of this sad tale. We've just ordered a Ti-Vo box - which means we'll be paying them even more money every month.