Sunday 27 March 2011

Census time

Every ten years the UK government takes a census of its citizens. These censuses are kept sealed for 100 years. As I live with my nearly-mother-in-law I filled out the "person 3" questions... but I feel I've done my bit.

Like most people, though, I'd love to know what was under question 17 that was pulled at the last moment. As someone who has put together many documents "intentionally left blank" (or as we put "not used") means you omitted something at the last minute and couldn't be bothered to renumber (and re-reference) the entire document.

Not the case though... I Googled it. Here is the official response from the website:

Question 17 is blank in England.

We aim to keep the England and Wales questionnaires as consistent as possible. Question 17 is about the Welsh language and is only included on the questionnaire in Wales. This question is not required in both countries, so a space has been left.

So now you know!