Friday 25 March 2011

Busy Friday

Welcome to the Vet's!
First order of business today was to take the kittens to the vets to get their worming tablets. Whilst they are still growing they have to be weighed to make sure they get the right dose. They are both now over 4kg - and Tinker is now heavier than Casper (it's all muscle!). Tinker didn't want to get in his basket when we were going and didn't want to get out of his basket when we arrived. Casper on the other hand purred loudly throughout (hampering the vet's checking his heartbeat) and again ate the worming tablet from the counter without any persuasion. 

Next I went to visit a friend and took a stroll through the park. As we later went out to lunch and took the baby to the park this turned out to be a mistake as it wore me out. Spring has definitely arrived in Greenwich Park.

I love walking in the park. Some of the tree lined areas I can almost imagine Henry VIII hunting there.

There is definitely something regal about the straight lies of majestic trees.

I hope it all gets put back together after they finish letting the equestrian events of the Olympics next year thunder through.

I love the walk down the Maze Hill side of the park where you sink from the nature of the park into the urban spread of London - with a fantastic view over to Canary Wharf. Hard to imagine the view before all that was built!

When I got home I was please to find that spring had come to our garden too. My cherry tree is looking healthy and survived the winter. Phyllis is living up to her 'hardy fuchsia' label with green shoots already showing.

And even better the amphibians are out and starting their attempts to repopulate South East London. Some frogspawn already and a lot croaking from the reed bed in the centre of the pond. Sadly the weather today doesn't look set to continue.