Tuesday 22 March 2011

Eye A&E

Having spoken to the duty doctor yesterday about my ongoing eye trouble I made the same phonecall today as the pain had got worse and been joined by some slight visual disturbance. The doctor (a different one from yesterday) whose opinion I highly respect suggested I take myself off to the A&E department at Moorfields Eye Hospital. Lucky my assumption that the green line on the pavement from Old Street Tube would take me there was correct!

I ended up spending the whole afternoon there. Quick story, it's just another MS flare up. Annoyingly they do want me to go back and attend the Neuro-opthamology clinic.

With its mixture of old and new the hospital is a fine looking building.

The culprit eye; the pupil is still enlarged even in the bright light due to the eye drops! Off to bed now as I've got the sniffles and every time I sneeze I get visual distrubances which is annoying.