Sunday 2 January 2011

First Sunday

As Douglas Adam's wrote in Life, the Universe and Everything (the third book in the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy series): 
"In the end, it was the Sunday afternoons he couldn't cope with, and that terrible listlessness that starts to set in about 2:55, when you know you’ve taken all the baths that you can usefully take that day, that however hard you stare at any given paragraph in the newspaper you will never actually read it, or use the revolutionary new pruning technique it describes, and that as you stare at the clock the hands will move relentlessly on to four o’clock, and you will enter the long dark teatime of the soul."

That is a common problem often enough in this house. Not this week though. My day started excellently watching the Gators win in the Outback Bowl.

Why does someone for London support the Florida Gators? Well that is illustrated by the photo on the left. Back in the day there was a college football game on NASN and one team was the Gators and I took to their bold blue and orange and the Gator on the helmets. Never looked back... helped by mighty quarter-backs Chris Leak and Tim Tebow and legendary coach Urban Meyer.

After that Rich settled down to the New Year's Day Old Firm Derby. He was happy as Celtic triumphed over Rangers.

At this point I decided that the thing I really ought to do was go through a stack of magazines that had been stacking up since June. That accompanied by the gentle strains of Handel's Water Music and two sleeping kittens proved a very peaceful way to finish the afternoon.

I'm now sitting watching the final week of the regular NFL season. Happily there is still the post season and the Superbowl to go... before that unfortunate gap until the baseball season starts again!