Monday 3 January 2011

Bank Holiday blues

As the song goes "the weather outside is frightful" grey and miserable and just about thinking of snowing when I got in from my brief trip out. Not that this had dettered the rest of South East London. There were crowds arriving (very) early for the first home game at the Valley in 2011 and an awful lot of people making a trip to the various shopping areas on the Peninsula. I was lucky only to be making one stop and lucky (?!) to be disabled which meant I found somewhere to park.

Clearly the January Sales combined with the imminent VAT rise is just enough to encourage another bout of gross consumerism. So soon after Christmas!

Nothing quite so sad to see as the remains of a party. Bits of streamer are all over our front path - a remnant from New Year's Eve.

It feels a bit like the weekend today. Even though the better-half has gone to the football there is still a Sunday-what-shall-I-do feeling... coupled with an end of holidays can't-really-be-bothered feeling.

In the end I got out my guitar... much to the delight of Cass and Tink who are very musical cats. Tink came and laid down as close as he could to me and the guitar and Cass got the next best spot. Maybe it is the vibrations from the strings that draws them... it certainly can't be the guitar playing. Let's not be under any illusions - singing, yes - I can do that... piano, reasonably proficient... violin, banned in this house... guitar, well I don't really play - I just strum chords. Still more than enough for my poor fingers which hadn't played in nearly a month and before that time measured in years!

Fret marks in my fingers!

Tink being musical