Saturday 22 January 2011

Afternoon at the Valley

Valley Sunset
Charlton Legend Chris Powell was appointed as manager at the club and today was his first game in charge. In honour of the occasion I made my once a season pilgrimage to the Valley. One upon a time I was a season ticket holder at Charlton... in fact I was introduced to my better-half in a pub after a game.

As time passed though I got busier and busier at work and worked longer and longer hours I had less time free in the week. I began to resent having to go to games on the weekend, and I had to go because with a season ticket I'd already paid for the games. 

After nearly a decade I gave up my season ticket, and generally manage a game once a season. The return of the legend that is Chris Powell seemed as good a reason as any. Charlton beat Plymouth by two goals to nil; and the second goal was worth the whole match. The football wasn't great, but like most sporting events the afternoon is about more than just the game - it's the whole experience... and it was nice to be back at the Valley again after so long.