Sunday 30 January 2011


This weekend was the RSPB's Garden Birdwatch. I filled up the food and water and was ready to watch for an hour. I decided to do my watching from the bedroom window where I'd disturb the birds less... of course the kittens had to be locked out otherwise they'd probably have tried tightrope walking on the window cill or other acrobatics!

There were quite a lot of birds about... especially the pigeon families and the tit families. Sadly for the watch (although not our pond) didn't see the heron. Didn't see the fleeting green parakeet once spotted either.

To be honest, a nice sunny afternoon (like today) would have been better for it - it just really didn't seem to be the weather for it. Grey and rather cold. I think maybe the birds were all tucked up in their nests!

Some lovely photos to finish with though - Tinker (left) and Casper (right) posing (as usual) for the camera!