Saturday 19 September 2009

Bird Brain

Due to work commitments I've built up a bit of a blog backlog! Please excuse the flurry of posts as I catch up with photos and news.

Last weekend I was highly amused by the antics of the big fat pigeon in our garden.

The pigeon notices the feeder just filled up with peanuts

It's a bit of a stretch but he can just about reach the bottom of the nuts.
He soon gets bored and wanders off to see what else is around (there is quite a lot of breadcrumbs, for example).

He takes a drink from the bird bath (quite a few in fact), and even considers taking a dip.
He decides to head  back to the nuts for another attempt.
He finally works out that there might be another angle to consider the problem from.
He climbs on top of the toad house.
Success, he has reached the nuts and has finally managed a decent 'beak-ful'. He hops off to pick up some of the bits that have dropped out.
And completely forgets all the progress he has made and starts the whole long learning experience all over again!
They don't call them bird brains for nothing!