Saturday 5 September 2009

Nature trail

The wildlife in SE7 has been flourishing of late.

The squirrels are pretty smart. The only thing we have found that they can't get food out of is the little perspex box which attaches to the window with sucker cups. We're not even trying any more, and this one is easy!
I think that this is one of the fox cubs, adolescent now. He certainly seems to be mostly legs! He circled the entire way around the fish pond thinking about taking a drink before giving up and helping himself from the bird bath instead.
I took this the other night round the back of our house. This is apparently two slugs reproducing. Because there aren't enough slugs in our garden already. Lucky we have mostly shrubs that they don't seem to attack... goodness knows what they are living on!
The absolute tenacity of this snail really impressed me. He is making his way up the wire of a discarded hanging basket. He's taking a break from 'following the yellow brick road' another popular route for snails is along our yellow garden hose.
This giant moth has been haunting our garden for some weeks recently. It is really rather sinister by night as all you can see is a pair of glowing eyes!
I'm wondering if this hairy caterpillar (one of several in the garden at the moment) is going to grow into one of those giant moths!
 Yet another bug for the collection, quite a large earwig. I'm renaming this corner of the garden bugworld.
A look at our wildlife isn't complete without the amphibians. Our beautiful frogs and toads. Above (from top) Big Fat Toad, King Frog, Rich's Little Pal with Gold Frog.