Tuesday 10 July 2007

Movies and Books and Games, oh my...

So. I've neglected my blog sadly for the last few days. No excuse really. I've been beyond mad busy at work (trying to get everything done before I go on leave, yay)... and the weekend I spent reading, watching TV and gaming when really I should have found five minutes to be blogging.

What's been going on with me then? Well, work has been work. I've haven't had to go on any site visits (always a good thing) or had to go to many meetings (also a good thing). I've had heaps to get done though... we've never been busier! I had quite an amusing meeting this morning. Smallest team meeting ever as it was just me, the Architect and the Contractors. Also shortest meeting ever. Meeting time increases exponentially with the number of attendees, or so it would appear. We were talking about the tenants in our retail scheme, and I commented that I'd never been to the store (sporting goods)... at which the Architect commented "I think that tells us a great deal about your lifestyle". I'd like to think that he was thinking that I'm so amazingly well-groomed and sophisticated that he couldn't imagine me in sportswear rather than I'm short, round and obviously don't exercise! I'm still arguing with the office computer system on pretty much a daily basis. None of the things that need fixing are getting fixed, and the email system still seems to disconnect at least once a day. Beyond irritating.

I managed to miss all the fun in London this weekend. Saturday, of course, was Live Earth. Whilst I am totally on board with the principles I don't really go much for the whole event thing. I stopped going to 'gigs' after I stopped being a student and nobody expected me to anymore (with the exception of Glastonbury in '95 and '97). I've never liked crowds, and I'm not much of a modern music fan... so I don't really get much out of going to see live music. I missed the best bits of Live Earth anyway... apparently there were some very funny interviews during the TV coverage. No matter. As long as it gets a message across (and apparently it will as information packs were being handed out) then that is all that matters.

On the other side of London the Tour de France was passing through. Question - surely it cannot be the Tour de FRANCE when it is not in France. Suggest that maybe just 'Le Tour' for these occaisions? Not that I have the least bit of interest in cycling... or the spectacle. Last time they came to the UK (probably about 10 years ago?) they went through Tunbridge Wells and past the building where I had my summer job. Whoosh. Blink and they were gone, just a big blur of colour really. Still, everyone I saw interviewed on TV seemed to have enjoyed their day... so that's all that matters.

Wimbledon managed to overcome the weather, and somehow finished on schedule. I did see about 10 minutes of the Women's Final (which looked a very one-sided affair) and did not bother to watch the Men's Final. Well, not wishing to state the obvious, but one or the other of them was going to win. Not from the point of view that with two players one must win, but more from the point of view that I think a lot of people would have said that before the tournament even started.

The only sporting event I did enjoy over the weekend was the British Grand Prix. Not a hugely exciting race; certainly the leaders spent most of the time leap-frogging each other during pit stops. I gave my driver of the day to Massa. He stalled on the grid on the parade lap and had to start from the pit.. but made his way all the way back through the pack to finish 5th, which is only one back from where he ought to have started!

Movie wise this weekend was a bit slow. Not enough from Blockbuster to keep us going. So, Saturday night we watched M Night Shyanalan's "Lady in the Water". We only wanted to watch it to find out what the "twist" was. All his movies have a "twist". Well, unless it was so obvious that I missed it... which is what happened with "The Village" where I could so see the twist coming that I took it for granted as part of the plot... well unless this was the case, no twist. The only selling point of the movie was a few lines of very amusing dialogue and some really quirky characters. The bit parts really made the movie. Apart from that, totally do not recommend. The story was slow moving, and at the end I was left with that "so what?" feeling. Never managed to feel engaged with any of the characters. I thought that the plot was weak... but, not too long a movie, so happy enough to watch it through to the end... and I'm not advserse to stopping a film if it bores me enough!

After that we watched StarWars in preparation for our trip to Celebration Europe at the ExCeL next weekend. Booked the tickets MONTHS ago, so it is really great that we're finally getting there! Quite weird to see the movie after having spent so much time recently playing StarWars Lego II! Talking of which, Rich has massively passed my achievements playing that. I'll have to give it some serious time when I'm on holiday next week!

Sunday morning I watched "The Queen". I quite enjoyed it. The acting was absolutely flawless, and the characterisations pretty good. The story was what it was... but that wasn't really the point I don't think.

Didn't really get much time to read. I've just started "Wicked" the story of the Wicked Witch of the West before she was the Witch. Only about a third of the way through so far, but really enjoying it. Have heaps of books to catch up with... including the Glass Books of the Dream Eaters which is too big and heavy to take to work! Still. Hopefully fine weather in the holidays and time to sit in the garden with a good book (and maybe a beer)!

Ah well. Tea break over... back to work, or I'll be here all night!