Monday 2 July 2007

Busy times at my desk... and not yet raining!

Absolutely shocking... it isn't raining! At this rate they might just finish Wimbledon in two weeks. Although, I'm not sure I care particuarly. Tennis isn't what it used to be... having seen bits and pieces (when it hasn't been raining) I'm lucky if I find 5 seconds exciting in a set (let alone a game).

Much more exciting was the Grand Prix de France yesterday. Probably the last one to be run at Magny-Cours (what will they complain about all year if they can't complain about going there?). The race was quite exciting... there were even a few bits of overtaking! The promised rain never came, but you can't have everything. I'm always fond of a bit of rain... always messes up game plans and tyre strategies and forces teams to think on their feet... also tends to cause a few shunts.

My desk is now half an inch deep in paper. Trying to clear one job off the desk before the next one arrives (not very successfully) and have taken to shoving piles of paper into the filing trays without much order or structure. The filing trays aren't appreciating this treatment... there are some ominous looking cracks developing on some of them (what do you expect when three cost £1.65?!). Mind you, that is how I keep such a tidy desk... the bottom tray has jobs from about 8 months ago that I still haven't got around to filing!

As if that wasn't enough of a pain BOTH the junior juniors have gone off to college, and won't be back until Thursday. This pretty much leaves me answering the phone as my assistant's english isn't really up to it yet. Every time I just get into something... the phone rings. Bah! In addition (as if that wasn't all enough) the flipping server is on the blink again. Keeps disconnecting from the Exchange mailboxes. It requires either the router or firewall to be unplugged (it doesn't seem to be fussy as to which one it is)... but that does mean me jumping up and down and running to the patch cabinet every time that it happens.

It must be Monday. I never did like Mondays.