Tuesday 3 July 2007

Nothing like a hot cup of tea... and random conversations

I've been severely caffeine deprived today. I had a meeting all morning... and as the two trainees were both out today (and indeed my assistant too) I had to get my own teas and coffees. So... following my own rules I used the caffetieres and the tea pot. Bad mistake. The tea pot doesn't make good tea. I gave up after one cup. But the meeting went on for over two hours. Gasping!

SA girl made some tea around three... and I was going to do some, but the phone kept ringing and I'm the only one who's ever after picking the damn thing up. So, when Geordie boy got back from his meeting and made tea just now I practically downed the cup in one! I do like my tea so hot that it practically burns your tongue!

Just looking out of the window... the weather looks really dismal. It has come over very dull and grey, and so dark it is almost twilight. Another downpour looks imminent!

SA girl just asked Geordie boy if he could "do her a favour". His response was "Everyone wants me to do them favours, favours for free... Architects, Project Managers..."

Downpour is even more imminent... thunder just rumbled.

SA girl just asked my assistant to put a sticker on the office camera so she would know which way is up in future. This followed several moments of confusion as they tried to work out the orientation of photos taken on site this morning... I think they must have been close up details of bits of building taken out of context. Maybe we could use them in a "what is this" competition.

Lightning now flashing about... still no rain!

Tea break must be nearly over, I've practically run out of tea to drink.

What peculiar weather, it looks like Autumn out there! I really hope that it clears up soon... as I want to enjoy the garden during my two weeks off... I may have to buy a gazebo to go in the garden, just in case!

Ah, here comes the rain. Doesn't look that heavy though (famous last words).

So... counting down to Harry Potter now. Shall be going to fetch my copy at midnight into the 21st. Rich is delighted as that is the night before his birthday... but mollified by the fact that we can come home and he can watch the Red Sox... and he will just have been to OMD at the Dome. Not much to complain about then. I shall be feverishly reading to try and beat the BBC's blogging reveiwer to the end of the book. Failed two years ago when I fell asleep with my face in the book!

OK. spoke too soon. It is bucketing it down now! The streets have practically emptied. Kudos the the 'my weather' widget on my iGoogle. It was showing a thunder logo several hours ago... and I thought that it was mad. I should clearly know better.

I read a letter (I forget where, in some newspaper or something) debating the existence of global warming... given that the June just finished was the wettest on record. Hmm. One of the first things I learned in 'science' was "hot air rises, cools, condenses, and down comes the rain". Isn't it funny how you remember things like that. I went to a very traditional primary school where we learnt things. Quite often by recitation. I can still recite the 9 planets of the solar system (oops, I mean 8 - sorry Pluto) in order from the sun... I can still recite the kings and queens of England (with reasonable accuracy) up until the present date. I can spell (mostly) and use grammar and punctuation (which is more than my youngest trainee can). Forgot what started me on my mini-rant, but I'll stop now. Tea is definitely open... getting back to my steelwork.