Thursday 19 July 2007

Lazy Days of Summer

After the excitement of Celebration Europe on Saturday things have been a bit quieter. Hard to top that one!

Tuesday was my 32nd Birthday (my, aren't I old). Had a superb day bumming around the house and playing the new PS2 games that Rich got me. The latest Harry Potter (Order of the Phoenix) - definitely the best yet... and the original Star Wars Lego game... a bit simpler than the sequel but just as much fun!

Drove off to Kent yesterday to see the folks (my Dad is just out of hospital). Managed to get into the house without any of the three dogs noticing... about which they were VERY embarassed, LOL! Had a nice time sitting in the garden... but managed to get sunburnt on my shoulder :-(

Was out in the garden last night... and I was delighted to see that King Frog is back in the Frog Pond. For those who don't know... he is a beautifully marked frog who spent most of last summer in the Frog Pond (sometimes with other frogs, mostly alone). He was there last night with Big Fat Toad. He seems to have learnt that our kitchen isn't a good home... about five times this summer already I've picked him up from inappropriate places and taken him back to the Frog Pond... now he has finally made his home there!

I was sitting at the computer earlier when I heard our cat in the hall. She'd woken up, it would appear, and finding nobody about had decided to sit in the middle of the hall and tell the world how hungry she was. Sitting at the foot of the stairs, miaowing very loudly! I figure her meaning was somewhere along the lines of "Feed me, feed me now"!

I've been gradually working my way down the list of "Things to do in my holiday" I made. I know what happens, usually, I spend two weeks sitting around reading and having fun... and don't get around to doing any of the things that I'm always thinking I'll get around to! One of the things on the list was "Spring Clean the Kitchen". This became a necessity when my nearly-mother-in-law bought me a new bin for my Birthday. Sounds an odd present? Not so much! 1) the bin is pink... I love things that are pink. 2) the bin is 'magic'. It opens when you wave your hand at it (except for Rich, it doesn't like him, and won't open!). It's like living with R2D2 as it makes cute little electronic noises as it works! However, the bin didn't really fit where the old bin went, so the entire kitchen was re-organised. And I threw away heaps of old rubbish... which was very theraputic. Things like... the old Dynamo machine which doesn't print... a panake pan which leaks all over the cooker if you use it... packet holders which are supposed to stick to the inside of the cupboard door (but don't)... a remote control holder (I don't know why we have so many)... etc. etc. The kitchen is still over-stuffed but now at least, mostly, with things that actually get used!