Monday 26 May 2014

A week in photos

There was nothing very notable about last week in London, other than the mercurial weather. Here's a few bits and pieces from along the way:-


Penguin and I took a trip to Westminster, mostly to see the statues - but also because it was a nice sunshiney day.


A rather grey morning to accompany the journey to work; thanks to a traffic jam I did finally manage to get a photograph of the dragon sculpture at a shopping area in the Bermondsey area.


The weather cheered up again for the middle of the week; and Her Majesty was lucky that it didn't rain on her garden party!


A day of indeterminate weather, sunshine and showers. I went out at lunch (I forgot to take my lunch to work!); my favourite moment was the rather quality looking cigar stubbed out in a coffee cup - that's Mayfair! Another traffic jam allowed me a photo of St George's Circus; a mile from London Bridge (and some other places).


Another day of mixed weather, some sunshine and some clouds. Grey and cloudy but sunny enough for the cat to take a nap in a sun puddle. A trip into the garden to check on the greenhouses and the rose bushes from our wedding last summer. The roses are confused - there are flowers and hips - undecided on Summer on Autumn?! 


It started the day raining, quite seriously. It cleared up by late morning, enough for the wildlife to come out to amuse the cat. By late afternoon it was sunshine all the way!


Enough rain overnight an in the early morning to have a puddle photo (aided and abetted by poor drainage). The good weather carried to the evening, for a lovely sunset and a cross cat who didn't see why the curtains had to be shut whilst he was still busy watching the wildlife; he made a little hole in the curtains so he could continue his garden watch!