Monday 5 May 2014

Bank Holiday Weekend

Despite the unpromising start with rain and drizzle on Friday the weather cheered up for the actual weekend; to the delight of the wildlife and the gardeners.

Squirrel found some of his stash!
Fox (junior) enjoying a sun-bath
Merlin (aka Cat-5) watching the fun
This afternoon I took myself out into the garden for a couple of hours worth of weeding. There are a couple of small patches of garden which fall under my sole care; my alpine garden (still needs work) and the little patch of shrubbery nearest to our patio where my fuchsia (Phyllis) and my rose-bush (Peace Rose) and my little fuchsia (Constance) live.

A lot of weeding is needed in the shrubbery because it is right near the bird feeder and any seeds dropped that germinate start sprouting; oats and greens and barely grow!

Today's efforts managed to irritate most of the woodlouse and ant population of our garden. I'm not bothered about the ants (they've already dug homes all over the pathway) but I find woodlice rather friendly looking (little insect tanks!).

Get back to you hole, ants!
Phyllis (named after my Grandmother, for real)
Planting table? Next to the fence gap (cat path)
Phyllis finally getting to a good size (Rose is in there too)
Forget-me-not and unidentified bug
Summer's here already...?!
Or even Autumn?! Dandelion ready to seed down
The fruits of my weeding labours
Lawn dried out enough for a mow?
Woodlouse colony
One of the snail army
Oh dear, this one has seeded already
The pigeons have been moulting (or fighting?!)
Talking of pigeons, they are waiting for dinner
Always know the time on our patio!
Wind-chimes, bird-feeder and greenhouse cameo

Wedding rose bushes and greenhouse cameo again

Pond (fish are in there somewhere)
Rockery with strange fruit and aqualegia