Monday 12 August 2013

Middle of the Night

Can't sleep, won't sleep? Did sleep but cold/heat/cat/pain woke you up? So tired you have entered a world beyond sleep? Hippothalmus ( )decides you only need 4 hours?

If my Twitter timeline is anything to go by this is a very common problem. 

Usually I wake up with cramps or spasms. Increasingly it is a failure to regulate temperature.

Sometimes it is the cat and his insistence of supplying a (loud) monologue of his nighttime activity.

Today it is the rare (and this is why it is rare) double meds dose. I kept the rule and took the 2nd dose before midday but it makes no odds.

Classic 'old lady who swallowed the fly'... or as The Verve put it; "Now the drugs don't work / They just make you worse".