Sunday 20 January 2013

Sunday Social (33)

Linking up with Ashley and Neely for the Sunday Social
  • Top 3 favorite kinds of food
    Since my evening out at Chrysan I discovered I really like Japanese food. I also have to go with Indian (a creamy curry, nothing better) and a good old fashioned English Breakfast.
  •  First 3 things you do in the morning
    After falling out of bed? Watch BBC Breakfast, have my breakfast (tea and toast) and get ready for the day (weekdays only!).
  •  Last 3 things you do at night
    Put my ear-plugs in, settle the cat on his blanket and say goodnight to the Better-Half who does not go to bed at nine o'clock.
  •  3 TV shows you NEVER miss
    There are a lot more than three, so I'll guess we'll go with my favourites (not necessarily currently airing) - Burn Notice ("My name is Michael Westen, I used to be a spy until one day..."), Suits (love the theme too "Greenback Boogie") and Castle.
  •  3 places you want to visit
    Travel for me is a nightmare. Crutches and suitcases don't go together. I'm scared of flying. Hot weather exacerbates my MS symptoms. Most places I see on TV and think "I'd like to go there" aren't very realistic. Putting that aside however... New York (I went there over a decade ago and I'd love to go back); Egypt (most specifically I want to see the pyramids) and South Africa (Cape Twon in particular as my mum when there last year and it looked amazing).
  •  3 people you can always count on
    Again, a lot more than three. The first in line are: the Better-half, he puts up with my moaning about work, looks after me when I can't look after myself and generally keeps the house running; Mutti (my mother) we can talk on the phone for hours several times a week, and even though she's had to put her life together again after my Dad died she still always find time for me and my brother; my bridesmaid and mother of my god-daughter, an amazing friend who has always been there for me. I have to mention some of the other people who are so important to me: there is my nearly-mother-in-law, really like having a second mother; my darling friend who lives just a couple of stops away in Greenwich who has seen me through the best of times and the worst of times; my other darling friend who lives what is forever away in London on the other side of the river; and my cousin, who as we spent so much time together growing up is like a sister. Yes I cheated and had more than three. I could go on too, I'm lucky to have so many special people in my life.