Sunday 13 January 2013

National Rubber Ducky Day

Who doesn't have a friendly little yellow duck in their bathroom? Or in my case a lot of friendly little ducks in rainbow of colours!

13th January is National Rubber Ducky Day. Not because in January 1992 29,000 rubber ducks fell off a cargo ship in the Pacific Ocean (that happened three days earlier on the 10th January) and they are still washing up today. No it is because Ernie on Sesame Street has a rubber duck and its birthday is 13th January. The 1970 song on Rubber Duckie song on Sesame Street helped the meteoric rise of these rubber bath friends, so it is only fair!

So, happy Rubber Ducky Day, and meet a few of my friends.

Traditional rubber ducks, in yellow

My name is Pond, James Pond

Charity Ducks, raising awareness for Breast Cancer

Flying Virgin Atlantic, still need a rubber duck!

See you next year!!