Monday 14 January 2013

Miscellany Monday (3)

  • The threatened snow (severe weather warning alert) has yet, and the emphasis should probably be on yet, to materialise. The light dusting didn't help several of my colleagues' journeys into work, but it did improve mine by about 15 minutes as people decided to leave their cars at home.
  • The darn lift is still broken. That's been a week now. The ironic thing is that the reason that the lift is broken is because they came out to fix a different fault, and I suspect did something that broke it again. It worked for about two days.
  • I have to learn to crochet. I bought the cat a new blanket on eBay Small and crocheted, it would, I hoped stop him trying to sleep on the expensive cellular one my Mum brought me for Christmas. It is such a hit that he needs another one for his other favourite sleeping spots, and then another. 
Beautiful sunrise

The famous blanket

Freaky gargoyle in Woolwich
 Happy Monday!