Monday 9 May 2011

Hospital appointments

Today I had to go to the hospital for a heap of blood tests. First was the test for the JC Virus which was to be done in Infusions in Outpatients. So, I started the morning by getting lost. Outpatients is divided into several 'areas' and I was aiming for 'A' - but that one didn't have a reception only a sign telling you to go to 'B'. When I got there they had no idea how to direct me and sent me back to 'A'. Lucky for me at this point I bumped into my MS Nurse who delivered me where I was supposed to be.

My veins decided to have a uncooperative day so it took ages to accomplish the required test. Then I had to go to phlebotomy (who were happily having a good day and only had a 30 minute wait). Then we had to go through the whole uncooperative vein thing again, only now we were on the other arm which wanted to play even less. I finally left the hospital with cotton-wool patches on each side... and not even a cup of coffee as I'd managed to leave my wallet back at the house!