Saturday 21 May 2011

Maryon Wilson Animal Park

The Maryon Wilson Park (not to be confused with Maryon Park further towards the river) has a rich history - and once was known as the Hanging Woods as the highwaymen from Blackheath were hanged there.
The parkland was donated to the London County Council in 1924 by Sir Spencer Maryon Wilson a few years later he donated a small heard of deer which was the beginning of the animal park that is there today. And now Greenwich Council wants to withdraw its funding and close it down.
If you are a Facebook type you can join the cause here. If you're not a Facebook type you can still sign the petition. Even if you don't live in SE7 or the surrounding area, consider lending your voice to this cause. The animal centre is an amazing resource to teach local children about nature and wildlife. For £30,000 (which I believe is what it costs to run) it is money well spent.
Today there is an open day at the park. I went and spent a happy hour amongst the animals and birds.

Below are some pictures of some of the birds and beasts; these include two pigs (Bangers and Mash), three ponies (Ted, Honey and Minstrel), six goats, a herd of sheep and a herd of deer in addition to assorted fowl (including peacocks, geese, ducks, hens and turkeys).

Ducklings almost grown up!

Sheep (about to be shorn)

Sleeping in the sun (Bangers or Mash!)

Some of the hens and cockerels (whose crows can be heard from our house!)

The duck contingent

One of the ponies waiting for lunch

Peacock showing off for the ladies

Beautiful deer