Monday 11 May 2009


This afternoon I was disturbed to receive an automated call purporting to be from my bank. I don't trust people that call me when I haven't called them, and always hang up on them and call them back. So, I tried to hang up the call (it kept itself connected anyway) and then eventually rang my bank. Ah yes, if it was Fraud Prevention that had called me I was told (after much button pushing and waiting) then that is a different number.

So I called a different number. Yes, it turned out; the call had originated with them. They had declined a payment on my account of over £1,000. They wanted to check if I had made this payment. No I told them. I'm not likely to be spending such a large portion of my monthly wages in one transaction. So, criminals had somehow managed to get hold of my card details. It puzzles me as to how. The new frugal regime means that I hardly ever use the card either in a shop or over the internet.

Rather irritatingly I've now had to cancel the card, and it will be 3-5 days before I get a new one. Bring back cheque books... cheque books and cash. I don't trust all this chip-and-pin nonsense. All I can say is thank goodness for my bank and their utter vigilance. Now I suppose I'll have to get a statement and make sure there aren't any other dodgy transactions. What a complete nuisance... the criminal justice system in most of the world today has a lot to answer for.