Monday 11 May 2009

Early morning activity

I was already awake at ten past eight this morning when I heard a knock at the front door (why will nobody ring the damn bell?). Thinking it was probably the postman I made haste down the stairs to answer the door. To my surprise it was not the postman with today's mail but rather an officer of the law!

The policeman asked me if I knew who owned the silver VW parked in the street (such a strange assumption to think that everyone can identify car by make or model). Yes I told him, it belongs to some neighbours several doors down on this side of the street... although I couldn't be certain of which house exactly. Yes, but, the policeman pointed out, there were two silver VWs. Ah well, I don't know then, I had to admit. I left him to his investigations... I heard him ring our neighbour's bell (yes, see that is what doorbells are for!).

Sometime later out of curiousity I looked out of the Pink Room window, the police car was still parked over the road. As I watched however, a large flat bed truck drew up (and blocked the street). It proceeded to load the offending car onto the truck. It would appear that the car in question had been parked across the driveway of number 5 (or maybe number 7). Nice to know there is remedy apart from writing notes and sticking them under the windscreen.

The truck left with the car on board, followed by the police. What particularly amused me about th entire incident was that the car was removed for parking over a driveway... whilst all of this was going on the police car itself had stopped on the opposite side of the road... in front of two driveways - even though there was a bay free on this side of the road. Perhaps that bay was not free when they arrived? I'm increasingly thinking that we should rent out our off street parking space when we aren't using it!