Tuesday 7 August 2007

Away Day

So tomorrow I'm off to Scotland. A 'wee visit' to Head Office (Edinburgh). Basically have to get up at the normal time to go and get a plane (happily from City Airport) which means I should get to the office in Scotland around 3 hours before my 2pm meeting. Then have a plane back around 7-something in the evening... back home in time for bed!!! Exhausting. Nice change of pace none-the-less (not withstanding horrid flights).

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss sustainability issues - which is quite ironic that I am, thefore, massively increasing my normal carbon footprint... what with the flying to Scotland and all!

Have had very little chance to do much but study sustainability this week. The office internet security system still has taken against Social Networking sites... which leaves me with pretty much blogging and email in my lunch break/evening tea break!

Good news for my evening journey home. The 486 is moving from bus stop A at North Greenwich Station to bus stop B. This means that instead of having to stand between the stops and decide which way to jump when the 422 or 486 turns up I can get either bus from the same place! It also means that all the ignorant travellers who wait for the 472 and 161 and then refuse to move out of the way of the queue when the 486 arrives instead can now just impede each other instead of users of the Bexleyheath bus! All good.

The tube hasn't been too terrible since I arrived back from holiday. I was surprised to find that the escalator refurbishment at Green Park up from the Jubilee Line to the middle concourse was complete. They'll probably start on another one soon though!