Monday 6 August 2007

Argh! The spam!

Like a lot of people, I have several email accounts. Set up at different times for different purposes, and maintained because, well, sometimes it is useful to have different addresses for different things!

The email account that came attached to my domain name for a long time I used only for communication on my website and other website related matters. I never had a single spam email in all that time. Bear in mind that the domain name hasn't any catch-all forwarding, so in order to receive an email it MUST be addressed to that exact mail address.

For some reason, when I signed up to a certain social networking site I used that address. Since that time I appear to be receiving 3-5 spam emails a day!

Here's my proposal for a brave spam free world. When I press the "mark as spam" button, or the "block sender" button, or whichever a 'ping' should be sent to the ISP of the spammer. If enough complaints are received the ISP should then dump the spammer and refuse to supply them with a service.

I am heartily sick of unsoliticed email. My email addresses can't be picked up from my websites as they are written in via Javascipt which means that 'bots' don't pick them up. Therefore, anyone who has my email address for nefarious purposes has somehow obtained it from a supposedly reputable source. Hmm. Give it another 10 years and we'll have abandoned email for a system that works better!