Wednesday 28 February 2007

Saving the planet... and more weather

Today was my big trip off to Earls Court (2)... location of the eagerly anticipated "Innovations for the Built Environment" event - EcoBuild, CityScape, Regenex, FutureBuild and Building for Heatlh.I'm exhausted after all that walking around! Every aspect of sustainable construction you can think of was covered (and probably quite a few that you can't). I managed to collect three bags of literature, with the promise of much more in the post.

I was delighted to find it was tipping down with rain again today when it came time to leave for work. I decided to use my pretty pink umbrella which came free with a magazine. Totally useless. Didn't even make it to the end of the street before being blown inside out and snapping one of the struts!

My semi-obsession with busses on the 486 route continues. I was about an hour later today, but the bus was STILL a double decker AND I saw a double decker going the other way. It all points to the retirement of single deckers on that route.

My other semi-obsession, the Jubilee Line, was in fine form this morning. We stopped and started all the way to Bermondsey - I'd read the entire Metro by this point - and when we got to London Bridge we stopped. For AGES. The driver eventually came on to apologise for the delay - singal failure at Baker Street. Another five minutes. I decided to give up and go a different way. When I got upstairs the signal failure had moved to Bond Street. And there it stayed causing minor delays. I really felt the need to reiterate to TfL their own definititions of delays. If my trains ceases to travel AT ALL I think that there is a 'noticeable impact on my journey'! I decided to go to Bank to pick up the Distric Line and continue to Earls Court. Forgetting that in the Bank/Monument dual station scenario the District Line is actually at Monument and therefore involves a rather hefty trek!

The argument between Virgin Media and Sky over carriage fees still has to be resolved - with only hours to go before the deadline... although according to Digital Spy Virign are offering to go to arbitration. However - the pure unadulterated arrogance of VM continues - with their conviction that there will be no 'loss of content' and that having Lost available 'on demand' come August will fix it all. I'll know what happens by then, you Numpties!