Monday 26 February 2007

Monday Morning Blues

If there is one thing I'm never going to get the hang of it's Monday mornings! It always takes me twice as long to get up and get going... still, at least I did all my ironing yesterday and so didn't have to fight the ironing board this morning!

Very oddly the bus arrived at the bus stop just as I got there. Unprecedented! Even though I thought that I had left late I still somehow managed to get to the office by 7:45... luckily still remembered the door code (which they changed on Friday).

Found Friday's post sitting unopened in the conference room (why?!) and got myself started.

The only amusing thing that happened this morning was whilst walking along Piccadilly I saw the Army out exercising their horses... apart from the ones at the front and the back each horse with a rider was 'towing' a riderless horse. It looked a bit strange really.

I think people must be about to move into the fourth floor office... there is a great deal of hammering and drilling going on up there. It is really getting on my nerves - all morning *bash* *drill* - oh, for a quiet life!