Sunday 8 February 2015

Lunch in the park

London is full of fantastic green spaces; lungs breathing amongst the buildings and traffic of the City. The parks range in size from huge open spaces under the auspices of the Royal Parks; to smaller local areas; wild open heaths; gardens in the middle of squares and all the gardens attached to houses.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich, where I live, is full of green open spaces.

On Friday I was changing buses at Blackheath Royal Standard, I stopped (briefly as it was very cold), for lunch in the park - this is being the tiny square of grass in the middle of the roudabout that is the Standard, Batley Park.

I was going to sit and read my Kindle for a bit (memories of lunch in Central Park) but the wind-chill was biting, so I shared some crumbs with the pigeon gang and went home.

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Pigeon gangWinter trees
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