Saturday 13 April 2013

Friends, family... everyone

Yesterday I went to a funeral.

All funerals a sad. They necessarily involve the loss of someone from your life. Yesterday it was a school-friend. She died very suddenly; no accident, no illness. She leaves behind a heart-broken husband and a beautiful three month old daughter.

I hadn't seen my friend in years, we'd talked about meeting up on Facebook sometimes... but some barrier always prevented things from happening. After a while we stopped trying to sort things out. We stopped, because there is always plenty of time. Next week, next month, next year.

It tuns out though, that there isn't. You don't know how much time you may or may not have. So whilst I mourn the loss of my friend, who once was such a presence in my life; I am determined that I shall make more effort to spend time with friends and family; because you never know when .

I also got to thinking as friends and family stepped up at the funeral to give eulogies; what about my life. Is it all it could be; what would people say about me?

At the funeral a poem was read; I'm not much one for public emotion, but this did make me cry. I remembered enough of the words to find it share it below.

So if I suddenly call you, or write to you... even though it's been a few years. Well, now you know why - I'm not waiting for tomorrow any more.