Monday 16 July 2012

Miscellany Monday (1)

  • I love my gadgets and my technology. I do sometimes miss the days before computers and the internet when I'm at work. When I first started work we didn't have computers; we used huge pieces of paper with lines and columns instead of spreadsheets and documents used to 'go for typing'. If you really wanted to communicate you picked up the phone, otherwise you wrote a letter or sent a fax. Life was slower then!
  • My friend's daughter has just passed her first ballet exam. I wonder if I'd have been less of a klutz if after a case of extreme stage fright when asked to be a sunflower at the age of 5 or 6 I hadn't given up ballet. A friend and I tried learning years later... something about old dogs and new tricks?!
  • Two weeks ago I bought a very attractive 1920s style swimsuit; black with a little skirt; it even has cunning fabric pleats so that the lycra is less unforgiving. Now I need to get off my rear and actually GO swimming. The Charlton Lido (outdoor pool) recently re-opened after several years closure and I quite fancy the idea of gently swimming up and down in the open air.
  • My god-daughter and I share our birthdays tomorrow (although 35 years apart). I love that we'll always be able to share that special bond... and can't wait for the birthdays we'll share in the years to come.