Friday 13 July 2012

Feeling my age

I suddenly realised that today being Friday 13th and all it is my birthday next week. I'm past my mid-30s now and rapidly on the road to 40. Funny thing is it seems like yesterday that my friend and I were having a joint 30th party!

Things that have been making me feel old this week:-
  • talking to the work experience boy at work and discovering he was born in the mid-nineties by which point I was old enough to drive, vote, drink and half way through university.
  • having photos from my school-days posted on Facebook and realising next year it will be 20 years since we left.
  • seeing school girls on the bus on the way home from my health appointment and realising that 25 years ago that was me.

My old school tie
My memories of my school days are strongly anchored with the daily journey there and back. Growing up in a village meant that all the village kids (regardless of which school they attended) got the same bus into the nearby town. As buses weren't that frequent a group of us around the same age used to sit at the back and enjoy the journey twice a day. The group of girls today didn't remind me as much of my friends and I as school-kids usually do. I suppose that not having mobile phones made us a bit quieter, but by degrees! School work wasn't discussed much as we were different year groups in different schools; mutual friends, who was going out with who, TV (some things never change) and general gossip. We didn't seem to have much to worry about back then!