Wednesday 28 December 2011


Christmas - a time for holiday cheer and families and rubbish TV. Also, for me, a time for technology. There isn't a year goes by when somebody doesn't buy me something technological or I don't buy something for myself.

I have more technology in my life than you can swing a stick at. Some years ago the Better-half and I realised that sharing a computer just wasn't feasible... so I got my laptop. As soon as my phone contract was up I got a smart phone (my much loved, and sometimes maligned iPhone).

Over the last decade I've had a succession of digital cameras. From a webcam upwards... I think the early ones took photos less than 1 megapixel; we're now up with 12 or 14. I have a compact camera, a DSLR, a very temperamental video camera and the camera on my iPhone (oh, and the webcam built into the laptop).

But, you can never have enough technology. This year my brother got me the 'Catcorder'. It's an HD pocket video recorder... perfect for recording those Kitten-cat moments. It's also water-proof and shock-proof. It means I can kick the temperamental video camera to the kerb (or more likely sell it on eBay). It also takes photos.

To make digital life easier I'd been wanting (for some time) the Eye-fi card. Once set up this card communicates from your digital device over the wireless network to your computer and a number of nominated websites (in my case Flickr). Once you've got and Eye-fi card and associated account you can also use it on your iPhone (yes, there's an App for that). This means that you can send the pictures from your phone to your computer too. 

For the camera this means that I don't have to keep taking the memory card in and out (and sometimes forgetting to put it back into the camera) and from my phone without having to email them to myself or find the the cable.

Technology rules!