Saturday 31 December 2011

2011 - Good riddance

2011 has been a turbulent year for the world. Economic crises all over the place, revolutions all over the Arab world - marriages, births and divorces for celebrities - natural disasters.

The year started grey and dismal and rather snow covered - rather the same as 2010 ended. The Japanese Tsunami and revolutionary actions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya made headlines around the world.

The world worried about a double-dip recession (technicalities!) as one Euro-Zone country after another fell into crisis. 

There wasn't much to celebrate, other than, if you were so inclined the Royal Wedding. Although in our family my Gran turned 90 and my Great-Aunt 100 (I hope I've got those genes!).

Personally it wasn't a good year. Two major MS relapses which required the intervention of steroids. The introduction of the wheelchair to my life. In September the loss of adored Tinker who left a big Kitten shaped hole in our hearts - although his brother Casper does his best to fill that hole as well as his own Kitten-cat space (and Casper is much adored!). November we remembered the loss of my beloved Papa, one year on.

Notwithstanding the Olympics and other annoying events I'm hoping 2012 (that's Twenty-Twelve!) will be a better year.