Saturday 17 December 2011

What was lost

Things go missing around me all the time. The problem is that there are so many places things can just get put down. My glasses - I have three pairs but can never find any (except when they are on my nose). My keys, my wallet, my gloves... always somewhere else.

Then there is the category of things that vanish completely, never to be found again (or so it would seem).

On top of the bookcase in the hall sit some rubber ducks who are too fancy for the bathroom. Amongst these were two tiny little ones. Suddenly one has gone missing (Kitten-cat is under suspicion). So I pulled the bookcase away from the wall.

I didn't find the duck but I did find; a wooden fish (so long missing I hadn't realised), a silver cat (which I thought was somewhere else), a glass bottle stopper (which I knew was down there, one of two, the other smashed), and, best of all, my toad pendant which I though must have been lost on the underground.
 In the spirit of finding things I knew that I good few things had fallen off the desk (definitely Kitten-cat this time). The stapler was what I was looking for, the Cancer Research bobble, the hair tie and the tube of Lanacane were just bonuses!
Every year one of the Christmas decorations gets left behind after everything else has been put away. Rather than unpacking all the boxes again the decoration in question will sit somewhere random for 11 months waiting. The problem is we usually forget about it; then there is the panic when we realise that it is missing. This year it was the flying sheep - a gift from my Mum years ago. Eventually found in the bedroom on a snowglobe shelf.

Days like yesterday give me hope for the many other missing bits and pieces, and faith they will eventually be found.