Wednesday 28 September 2011

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge: Day 8

Fall Travel

I have only ever taken one fall trip. It was a long time ago (over a decade ago now). It was the first time I'd ever travelled anywhere alone, it was the first time I'd been to America - it was the first time I'd been to New York City.

Having friends about (my mum's room-mate from when she lived there in the 60s) and family (in both up-state New York and New Jersey) certainly made it a special trip.

When I booked my flight I only booked a hotel for the first night as the travel agent (idiot travel agent) told me acommodation would be easier to find a cheaper once I got to NYC. What nobody had told the travel agent was it was the weekend of the New York City marathon. I arrived on a Wednesday and managed to get a bed in the same hotel for the Thursday... and then panic set in. 

A trip from Penn Station took me out to see family in New Jersey. I got to experience the beauty of a New England Fall and saw some beautiful scenery and country side.

A few nights were spent in the YMCA before I was off to follow (quite literally) in my mother's footsteps and lodge with her room-mate for a few nights. This was superb as a born and bred New Yorker she gave me some excellent places to visit I might otherwise have missed. 

Another weekend out of town... including a Thanksgiving meal; this time with my god-parents in upstate New York. I had a night out with their daughter (strongest martini ever) and a trip to a genuine shopping mall.

My last few days back in the City before flying home... some many sights and visits - so much I missed as well.

Highlights: the Empire State Building and the World Trade Centre (the start of my skyscraper love affair); Central Park; walking all over Manhattan (I was too scared to take the subway!); shopping; museums...
Regrets: before I met NFL or MLB so now trip to Yankee Stadium or the Meadowlands; not taking the subway; that digital cameras weren't invented!

NYC 99

A set by nat_mach
Visit to New York City - November 1999
Looking down Top of the World Now entering NYC
Big Apple After dark...
Christmas already... Twin Towers
What a view! Old and new