Friday 23 September 2011

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge: Day 5

Things I'm looking forward to for Fall

Things I am looking forward to for Fall... Hmm. Tricky one. Number one I suppose is the weather. Neither the Better-Half or I are fond of the heat so the cooler weather of Autumn is a welcome change. I do always feel more positive on the crisp, fresh, sunny mornings and fine clear evenings. I don't even mind too much if it snows a bit (as long as it keeps to a light covering and not inches and inches of drifts); I'd rather that it didn't rain though - I don't much like the rain.

Autumn Leaves

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Lots of events to look forward to though. NFL at Wembley (our annual big day out)... it isn't just enjoying seeing a game of NFL live it is the whole 'event' and atmosphere.

NFL at Wembley 2010

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And of course Thanksgiving. Even though we're not American we still take advantage of the full NFL line-up and have a proper Thanksgiving dinner. Back when I visited the States in 1999 I chose just the right time of year and was lucky enough to spend a Thanksgiving meal with some family in up-state New York... I love sweet potatoes topped with marshmallow!

Sweet potatoes

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That same trip I also spent some time with family in New Jersey - so I get quite reminiscent for New England and Fall - even though it was only a few days!!!

New England Fall

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