Monday 18 April 2011

Sofa has landed!

This morning there was a big hole where our old sofa used to be. The amazing Better-half had managed (all by himself) to manhandle the old one out of the living room all by himself.

There was a big space in the hall as well... all the furniture out there had to be moved to allow passage for the old and new sofas. The cats were quite interested for about five minutes but then they got bored and found better things to do.

But here is the new sofa. Amazingly a little smaller than the old one but it seats three instead of two! And the best bit of all... it does this! I'd forgotten what it looked like - it has been months coming. But it is so comfortable. There is lumbar support and a headrests, and somewhere to rest aching limbs... I love our new sofa!

Tinker, however, is bored already!