Saturday 26 February 2011

Trip to Bristol

Despite listening to my SatNav and driving through London I made pretty good time down to Bristol. This creepy chap was one of a flock of ravens who shared my lunch with me. Said the raven, nevermore. The good thing was, once I left London behind the weather improved and it was quite a nice journey down. I had a little detour when the SatNav fell off the dashboard 20 miles before I had to leave the motorway and I had to stop stick it back on.

I saw this pretty little pub, which was on a road which took me ironically back to the same junction I'd left from (even though I thought I was heading south).

I stayed in a very nice Holiday Inn (after almost stopping at the wrong Holiday Inn very close by). I was most fascinated by the double hinged door on the bathroom which could bend all the way back and separate the toilet from the rest of the bathroom.