Sunday 20 February 2011

Out and about in Woolwich

I don't much go to Woolwich. If I want the shops I usually go to Greenwich Shopping Park by Asdas. I was surprised to see the building site that used to be General Gordon Square. Let's face it - General Gordon Square always had an air of neglect hanging over it, so mostly improvement could only be for the better. 

The removal of the one way bus route round the Square though hasn't really helped anyone (except possibly the town planners) as the stops are now further away from where they are useful.

I was only in Woolwich for my contact lenses follow up - glad to hear that 1) my prescription hasn't changed and 2) my eyes are physically healthy. Whilst I was there I decided to see how my lungs are doing - in my foolish youth I used to smoke. I was delighted to find when I blew into the little tube my output was 105% (the average is apparently 80%) and my lungs are six years younger than me! I'm not sure how accurate this is, though, as a trained singer I know how to control my breath!